9 best in ear monitors for vocalists

best in ear monitors for vocalists


In-ear monitors were once a luxury only available to highly successful artists. Nowadays, they are becoming popular among everyone, and some are even using them in the studio to replace bulkier over-ear headphones.


While they can also be used for casual listening, their primary focus is on live performers and musicians.

best in ear monitors for vocalists


MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ear Monitors

The MEE Audio M6 Pro is now in its second generation and has gained a reputation for reliability. With a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz, it features a single dynamic driver that delivers good audio quality on stage, with decent sound isolation. It comes with two cables (standard audio and headset), 6 sets of silicone ear tips, a set of memory foam tips, a carry case, 2 shirt clips, and a 1/4″ adaptor. The M6 Pro offers a great value for its price.

best in ear monitors for vocalists
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best in ear monitors for vocalists


Shure SE215-CL In-Ear Monitors

Shure’s SE215-CL offers an affordable entry point to in-ear monitoring. It comes in two versions: Pro and regular. The regular version includes a mic and controls for music players and phone calls. The SE215-CL has a detachable MMCX cable and provides reasonable sound quality, especially for its price range. It includes switchable foam and silicone buds of different sizes and comes in four color options.

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best in ear monitors for vocalists

Mackie MP-320 Dynamic Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors

The Mackie MP-320 is a universal in-ear monitor featuring triple dynamic drivers, offering a balanced sound with clear and punchy low end and clarity in the mid and high frequencies. It comes with 4 sets of different ear tips in various sizes, though changing the tips can be a bit finicky. The earpieces are slightly larger than some other models, so comfort might be an issue for those with smaller ear canals.

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Audio Technica ATH-E70 In-Ear Monitors

The ATH-E70 headphones from Audio Technica are another affordable option with three balanced armature drivers, providing a natural frequency response across the spectrum. They come with the specially designed A2DC cable for improved connectivity and reduced cable rotation. The ATH-E70s offer great sound quality and comfort, but the drivers are sensitive to drops.

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Sennheiser IE400 In-Ear Monitors

Despite having only a single 7mm dynamic driver, the Sennheiser IE400 offers incredible sound reproduction, thanks to Sennheiser’s TrueResponse technology. The single driver produces a powerful, distortion-free sound even at high volume levels. The earpieces resemble custom molds but are not, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The included accessories help with proper maintenance and cleaning. 

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Westone Audio Pro X 50 In-Ear Monitors

The Westone Pro X 50 features 5 balanced armature drivers and offers excellent sound quality with a wide frequency range. The UltraBaX cable is light and durable, though some users find it prone to tangling. The earpieces provide sound isolation and are comfortable to wear during extended use. However, the Pro X 50 is at a higher price point and might be a bit bulky for some users.

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best in ear monitors for vocalists

Shure SE846 Gen 2 In-Ear Monitors

The Shure SE846 Gen 2 stands out with its 4 balanced armature drivers and customizable nozzle inserts for different frequency responses. It also features a low pass filter for deep rounded low end without muddiness. The SE846s can be used for casual listening as well, making them a versatile option. They are on the higher end in terms of price but offer exceptional sound quality.

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Westone Audio Mach 80 In-Ear Monitors

With 8 balanced armature drivers, the Westone Mach 80 delivers a phenomenal sound with transparency across the frequency spectrum. The custom fit provides superior sound isolation and comfort. The UltraBaX cable ensures a pure audio signal and durability. The Mach 80 is a significant investment, but the sound quality justifies the price for audiophiles.

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Westone ES80 Elite Series Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors

The Westone ES80 offers the same 8-driver/3 crossover technology as the Mach 80 but with a custom fit to precisely match the shape of your ear canal. This custom in-ear monitor provides a superior seal for improved sound isolation on stage. The ES80 is a significant investment and best suited for users who have experience with IEMs and understand their requirements.

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best in ear monitors for vocalists

In-Ear Monitoring Systems:

Using in-ear monitors requires a monitoring system to plug them into. Whether wired or wireless, the system helps you control your own mix on stage. Here are some recommended systems:

best in ear monitors for vocalists

Xvive U4 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System: A simple and inexpensive wireless system suitable for solo performers or small ensembles in smaller venues.

best in ear monitors for vocalists

Behringer P1 Personal In Ear Monitor Amplifier: An affordable wired option for solo performers or small ensembles on a budget.


Galaxy Audio AS1400-4: A complete wireless in-ear monitor system with one transmitter and four receivers, ideal for small bands.


Shure PSM300 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System: A wireless system with mix blending options, suitable for vocalists and performers who desire individual mixes.


Sennheiser EW IEM G4 Twin: A wireless system with two receiver packs, perfect for two performers sharing a similar mix on stage.

best in ear monitors for vocalists

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why should I use in-ear monitors? In-ear monitors offer reduced stage noise, hearing protection, consistent mixes, and more comfort on stage.


What are the drawbacks of using in-ear monitors? Reduced connection with the audience and potential discomfort are some drawbacks, but the benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks.


Remember to start with universal in-ear monitors before considering custom options. 

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