collegium for high court judges

collegium for high court judges

Centre Takes Action: Names of 70 Judges Sent to Supreme Court Collegium

In a significant development, the Central Government has expedited the process of appointing judges, sending the names of 70 judges to the Supreme Court collegium. This move comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent reprimand of the government for delaying the appointment of judges recommended by High Court collegiums.

collegium for high court judges
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The Supreme Court bench, comprising Justices SK Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia, expressed their approval of this proactive step, remarking, ‘Today, there are compliments for you since you are often on the receiving end. The positive news is that 70 names recommended by the collegium have now been forwarded to the ministry. The collegium will promptly seek the opinions of consultee judges to expedite the process.’

collegium for high court judges

Justice Kaul added that the Supreme Court collegium aims to clear these appointments in the coming month of October.

Regarding the appointment of the Chief Justice of Manipur High Court, a position that had remained vacant for an extended period, the bench noted that the file has been cleared, and the notification will be issued shortly, insisting that it be completed by the next hearing.

collegium for high court judges

The issue of transferring 26 high court judges was also addressed, with the government confirming that 14 cases have been cleared, and notifications are imminent, while the remaining 12 are in the processing stage.

The discussion also touched upon reiterating names, where government objections had been overruled by the Collegium. The bench emphasized that if names have been reiterated, the appointments should proceed, considering them as deemed appointments.

Justice Kaul emphasized that there are practical complexities to be resolved in this regard and scheduled the next hearing for October 20. The bench urged the Centre to ensure that names recommended for the first time should either be appointed or the notes returning recommendations should be addressed promptly, avoiding any further delays.

The court was addressing two petitions, including one alleging undue delays by the Centre in clearing the names recommended by the collegium for judges’ appointments and transfers.

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