countries supporting israel

countries supporting israel

The Israel-Hamas Conflict: Global Support Overview Published: October 10, 2023, 07:50 PM IST by MONEYCONTROL NEWS

US Military Presence Near Israel US President Joe Biden has expressed unwavering support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict, emphasizing a strong alliance.

countries supporting israel
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In the aftermath of Hamas’s incursion into Israeli territory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, firmly denouncing terrorism in all its manifestations. countries supporting israel

This conflict has stirred concerns across Western and Middle Eastern nations, with varying degrees of support for either side. While some countries stand in solidarity with Israel, others back the Palestinian armed group, Hamas. Israel’s foreign ministry has reported statements of support from around 84 nations, while reports suggest that many Middle Eastern countries have applauded Hamas’s unexpected assault, despite the casualties it inflicted on Israel. countries supporting israel

As evacuations from border areas persist and the death toll surpasses 1,000, here’s a breakdown of the countries supporting Israel and those endorsing Hamas.

Nations Supporting Israel

Primarily Western nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Norway, and Germany, are staunch supporters of Israel. These nations also affirm Israel’s right to self-defense against the Hamas offensive. US President Joe Biden has described American support for Israel as “rock solid and unwavering,” deploying US naval assets and military assistance to reinforce this commitment.

countries supporting israel

The United Kingdom, through Rishi Sunak, pledged unequivocal support for Israel in its fight against acts of terror. French President Emmanuel Macron has openly condemned attacks on Israel, echoing solidarity.

Australia, while urging restraint to protect civilian lives in the Gaza conflict, has blamed Hamas for violence and denounced indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Norway’s Foreign Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, unequivocally condemned attacks on Israeli civilians. The European Union has also expressed its support for Israel’s security.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has underscored Israel’s right to defend itself against “barbaric attacks” and protect its citizens.

Countries Supporting Hamas

Mainly Middle Eastern nations have lent their support to Hamas. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi engaged with Hamas, solidifying Iran’s longstanding backing for the organization. Iranian leadership has expressed optimism about the operation’s role in hastening the “collapse of the Zionist regime.”

Qatar has pointed fingers at Israel for the escalating conflict and extended financial support to Hamas, positioning itself as a prominent player in the group’s financial backing.

Saudi Arabia has called for a two-state solution and an immediate cessation of hostilities. In Yemen, the Houthi rebels, who control the capital Sana, expressed their support for what they termed “the heroic jihadist operation” undertaken by Hamas.

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