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hdfc sky app

HDFC Securities Soars with ‘HDFC SKY’ Broking App Launch

Mumbai, September 26, 2023: HDFC Securities made a significant leap in the financial world on Monday with the unveiling of their cutting-edge broking app, ‘HDFC SKY.’ This app is a gateway to a vast array of investment and trading opportunities, encompassing Indian stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, futures and options, currencies, and more.

hdfc sky app
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‘HDFC SKY’ introduces a revolutionary one-price slab, offering both intraday and delivery services at a flat rate of Rs 20, coupled with a competitive Margin Trading Facility (MTF) rate of 12%. Additionally, it boasts the advantage of zero account opening and maintenance charges for the first year. HDFC Securities believes this straightforward fee structure will empower customers by providing clarity about transaction costs.

hdfc sky app

hdfc sky app
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In a statement, HDFC Securities emphasized the platform’s mission to simplify the intricate landscape of investing, which can often overwhelm investors with an abundance of choices.

Dhiraj Relli, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at HDFC Securities, affirmed their dedication to customer-centric services, stating, “HDFC SKY embodies our commitment to put clients at the forefront, offering a seamless app for investments. With a flat pricing model, we ensure transparency and affordability for all investors. What sets HDFC SKY apart is its cutting-edge technology, which will give our clients a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience.”

hdfc sky app

Sandeep Bhardwaj, Chief Operating and Digital Officer at HDFC Securities, added, “We are capitalizing on the latest technological advancements to consistently provide products and solutions for investors through innovative platforms. Our latest fintech offering, HDFC SKY, is built on the key principles of discovery, decision-making, execution, and tracking of investment.”

With ‘HDFC SKY,’ HDFC Securities aims to usher in a new era of accessible and transparent investing for all. Investors can now navigate the financial markets with confidence and ease, thanks to this innovative and user-friendly platform.

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