indian students in canada

indian students in canada

India possesses the capacity to strike a decisive blow at Canada’s most vulnerable points. The largest contingent of international students in Canada is comprised of Indians. They not only infuse billions of dollars into the Canadian economy but also support the real estate industry and the gig economy. Should India decide to cease this influx, it could significantly impact Canada.

indian students in canada
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The diplomatic clash between India and Canada, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, has intensified, causing anxiety among hundreds of thousands of Indians. The Indian student community in Canada is uneasy, and prospective students are filled with apprehension. In the midst of this confrontation, it becomes evident that India holds the power to target Canada’s Achilles’ heel.

Recently, India suspended visa services for Canada in response to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s accusations against the Indian government concerning the Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing. In retaliation, both nations expelled diplomats and issued travel advisories to their citizens.

indian students in canada

Furthermore, a Khalistani terrorist, Gurpatwant Pannun, released a threatening video urging Indo-Canadian Hindus to return to India.

The combined threats of Khalistani elements and the diplomatic standoff have generated unease among the Indian community in Canada, as well as their parents in India and those aspiring to study in Canada in the upcoming academic session.

Manan Gupta, a Canada-based immigration expert, reports that parents in India have been calling in concerns about the safety of their children studying in Canada. While he reassures them that things will eventually settle down, he acknowledges that much depends on the political leadership of both countries to alleviate fears and tensions.

The anxiety stemming from the diplomatic clash between Canada and India has cast a shadow over individuals awaiting visa approvals for temporary and permanent residence in Canada. This uncertainty is causing endless anxiety among them.

Despite the concerns, some Indian students in Canada express confidence in India’s growing stature and its recent successful rescue operations. They believe in the Indian government’s ability to protect its citizens abroad.

indian students in canada

India holds a powerful position in this dispute, as it can potentially shut off the flow of students to Canada, dealing a severe blow to its post-secondary education system. International students contribute approximately $30 billion to the Canadian economy each year, and their absence could trigger widespread mortgage defaults in major cities with a high student population, such as Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Greater Vancouver Area, and Calgary.

Indian students are the largest group of international students in Canada, constituting about 40% of the total international student population. Their fees are significantly higher than those charged to Canadian students, contributing substantially to the private college ecosystem. Canada’s Auditor-General has cautioned against over-reliance on funds from international students, highlighting the risk to the Canadian economy if students from certain countries, such as India, were unable to enter the country.

In addition to their financial impact, Indian students support Canada’s real estate market and gig economy. They play a crucial role in maintaining the minimum wage at $15 an hour, preventing labor costs from skyrocketing.

The recent history of Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic dispute with Canada serves as a cautionary tale. Saudi Arabia’s decision to order its students to leave Canada cost the Canadian economy hundreds of millions of dollars and led to the insolvency of Laurentian University. India, contributing 40% of international students, has the potential to create a similar economic disruption if relations deteriorate further.

Despite the uncertainty in Indo-Canada relations and the challenges faced by Indian students, there is optimism that the long-term friendship between the two countries will endure, as both sides hope for a resolution to the current tensions.

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