Peacock unveiled an action-packed live-action Twisted Metal trailer today


Peacock unveiled an action-packed live-action Twisted Metal trailer


offering a more detailed look at the upcoming series compared to its earlier teaser. Accompanied by DMX’s “Party Up (Up In Here),” the trailer features high-speed chases, guns, carjackings, and plenty of witty remarks, complete with a maniacal clown—everything you would expect from a live-action adaptation of the extravagant franchise.

Twisted Metal has generated significant anticipation among fans, and the new trailer further fuels excitement for the series. With its adrenaline-pumping action sequences, engaging characters, and clever nods to the game’s absurdity, the trailer promises viewers an entertaining and thrilling experience.


Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of John Doe appears to be charismatic and fitting for the post-apocalyptic courier role. Stephanie Beatriz brings her talent and charisma to the character of the carjacking outlaw, injecting a strong and captivating presence into the series. Neve Campbell’s enigmatic portrayal of Raven adds an intriguing layer to the storyline, and the inclusion of Thomas Haden Church and wrestler Samoa Joe adds to the diverse and talented cast.

Peacock unveiled an action-packed live-action Twisted Metal trailer



With its fast-approaching premiere, Twisted Metal stands poised to capture the attention of both avid gamers and fans of action-packed series. The combination of Anthony Mackie’s compelling lead performance, the talented ensemble cast, and the well-crafted storyline promises a captivating journey into a dystopian world where chaos reigns.


The trailer not only showcases thrilling car chases and explosive gunfights but also hints at the underlying humor and self-awareness that will be woven throughout the series. The blend of Deadpool-style wit and the Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic setting creates a unique and engaging atmosphere that sets Twisted Metal apart from other adaptations.


Moreover, the production values displayed in the trailer are top-notch, with impressive special effects and meticulously designed sets that bring the twisted universe of the game to life. From the iconic killer clown Sweet Tooth, voiced by the talented Will Arnett, to the mysterious Raven portrayed by Neve Campbell, the characters exude personality and complexity, promising intriguing dynamics and memorable performances.

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