vimal elaichi

vimal elaichi

Akshay Kumar Addresses Controversy Over ‘New’ Vimal Elaichi Ad

Akshay Kumar has responded to the recent controversy surrounding the ‘new’ Elaichi ad, which made its debut on October 8, 2023, during the India vs Australia match at the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. In a statement to a news outlet, the actor clarified that both the ‘new’ ad and the one that aired in 2022 were actually filmed on October 13, 2021. He also made it clear that he had severed ties with the brand and would not endorse it any longer, as he publicly declared earlier.

vimal elaichi
image credit: afaqs

Kumar went on to explain that the brand is legally permitted to air the previously recorded advertisements until the end of the next month. In 2022, Akshay Kumar faced criticism for his involvement in a Vimal Elaichi ad featuring Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. He subsequently issued an apology to his fans and announced his disassociation from the brand.


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